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Comparison Between an I5 Vs an I7 – Why You Should Consider These Similar Gaming Laptops

gaming laptop i5 vs i7

This article will compare the gaming laptop i5 vs i7 for laptops with the same hardware configuration. The comparison is between two of the most popular gaming laptop brands, namely Acer and Asus. I will look at the main advantages/disadvantages of these two laptops and then consider which laptop is best for gaming. The conclusion should provide a strong decision between the two.

Both these laptops are very popular for their graphics cards. The one that is of more interest to you may be the Acer Aspire Timeline T-Style which has two video cards and one CPU. This type of gaming laptop has all the features needed by serious gamers like high resolution, fast speed and good battery life. You may have to spend a little more on this model compared to the i7 but it will be worth the extra investment due to its capabilities.

Another comparison to make is the battery life of the two laptops. They are roughly the same when it comes to battery life. In fact, the difference in battery life is so slight you may not notice it at all with normal use. However, if you are going to be playing heavy graphics-intensive games then it may become a significant disadvantage.

The main difference between these two laptops is the graphics card. The Aspire series has two graphics cards – a Nvidia card and an ATI card. The former is better than the latter for gaming notebooks. Unfortunately, the two cards of the two laptops are not compatible with each other. This means that your gaming experience will be greatly diminished if your graphics card is incompatible with the motherboard of your machine.

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The processing speed of the two laptops is similar. Their only main difference is in the processor speed. The i5 has a Dual Core Intel i5-2200, which is a minor upgrade from the i5-1120 that came with the machine. On the other hand, the i7 has a Dual Core AMD A10-baybolt, which is an upgraded version of the dual core i7-2nd Generation.

Memory speed is also a consideration here. Both have four GB of RAM, which is about the same as the capacity of a regular notebook. However, the i7 has slightly faster memory.

The battery life of these two laptops is almost the same. The only major difference is that the Aspire’s battery is about three times more durable. Also, the Aspire charges much slower than the MacBook Air. This is because the MacBook Air charges its battery through the USB port while the Aspire uses the AC adapter cord. Therefore, if you want to be able to charge your laptop overnight you might consider purchasing the MacBook Air. If you want to be able to charge the laptop overnight then the Aspire would be your ideal laptop.

Both laptops have a decent screen resolution, color and the type of screen. However, the Aspire has slightly clearer screens. The main reason behind this is because the Aspire utilizes a much lighter aluminum casing. The screen on the MacBook Air is actually laminated on a full glass surface, giving it a very crisp display. In addition, the MacBook Air costs only a hundred dollars more than the Aspire Gaming Notebook.

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The size of these two laptops is similar; however, there are some differences when comparing these two gaming laptops. The MacBook Air is slightly smaller in size than the Aspire Gaming notebook. Furthermore, the MacBook Air offers an upgrade path that includes the USB 2.0 interface. Although, the MacBook Air does not include a DVD burner. On the other hand, the Aspire notebook does include a DVD burner. The Aspire notebooks usually cost two hundred dollars more than the MacBook Air.

The wireless option for these laptops is usually worth the extra money. The wireless card in the MacBook Air could connect up to ten wireless devices at the same time without any degradation in performance. The wireless card in the Aspire notebook is just as fast, but is not quite as reliable. The external battery on the MacBook Air is also better than that in the Aspire notebook. The battery on the Aspire notebook is one third of that in the MacBook Air. Therefore, if you are looking for the best graphics power in a gaming notebook then the MacBook Air is the better choice.

Although these two laptops offer similar features, there are some clear advantages to using the MacBook Air in particular. The lack of a CD burner and DVD burner is a disadvantage to many people. On the other hand, the larger screen and longer battery life of the MacBook Air are big advantages. Therefore, if you want a gaming laptop with all the latest features then you should strongly consider the MacBook Air.

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