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Mobile Social Games for Smartphones and Tablets

In the world of mobile applications development, it has been a common trend for new and upcoming games to be available only for select smart phones like Smartphones and Smartpen. These apps are mostly based on simulation or farming games and hence the term ‘farmed’ is applied. The most popular ones include simulation games like FarmVille Farming Simulator. The real fun and pleasure come in doing chores rather than simply farming.

It must be noted that Smartphones do not have the processing power to run high-end 3D games, as seen with popular gaming consoles and PCs. But there is a bright side to the story as the tablets market is slowly but steadily growing and the quality of Android applications is rapidly improving. In addition to being used for entertainment purposes, Android apps can be used for business purposes. As of today, there are many online games for smartphones which can be easily downloaded from the Android Market. Some of them are available free, while others are provided by third-party developers for a fee.

With more people opting for smartphones, tablet PCs are quickly losing their market share. This is mainly because of the increasing popularity of Android applications on smartphones. The Android Market is currently serving almost 70 percent of tablet PCs users in the UK and this figure is expected to grow further. Given the growing popularity of Android applications, tablet PC manufacturers are trying hard to capture a piece of this ever-growing and lucrative mobile application pie.

One important thing that we should all keep in mind is that the virtual world is always expanding. The next logical step from here would be to take advantage of the ever-growing virtual world to drive more revenue and success in our lives. Many of the tablet PCs and smart phone devices come pre-loaded with default Android applications. However, users need to go out and download these or look for third-party apps that can be obtained through an internet search. One great example of an online game for smartphones application is Pokemon Bank which lets you deposit money into your pocket via your credit card.

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The Pokemon’s Bank application uses the Payment Acceptance System (PAAS) embedded in several smart phones including the iPhone and Blackberry. These devices act as virtual credit cards where one can store money and transfer it from one’s account to another. They can also be used to pay for goods and services from shops and merchants online. This has led to the rise of more Pokemon Bank applications being launched which help users make more use of their smartphone’s built-in capabilities.

Aside from Pokemon Bank, other exciting and popular online games for smartphones and tablets include the well-received Lineum, a crowd-based game that lets users trade items with friends; Pokebar, a browser-based scavenger hunt and social game; and the extremely popular Kakuro, which let you play a futuristic casino flash game. Apart from the aforementioned apps, there are still many other exciting online games for smartphones and tablets such as Viki, Kongregate, Moxier, Instinct, and wave. Each of these brands provides unique features that help enhance the user experience and further fuel the mobile social games for smartphones market. Users will just have to explore and choose the one that fits their lifestyle the best.

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