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What are Socolonial Soccer and why is it Popular?

It seems as if Sony’s new PSP series, the Socom PSP has finally arrived! Already fans are raving about how great the new PSP is and more importantly… Getting the PSP ROM for the PSP Roms. (Remember the password is ‘socom’)

socom psp romsmania

PSP Roms has been out of pre-release for a few weeks now, and already the reviews are coming through with flying colors! Most are saying it is the best PSP game to date and look the best on the Sony system. With tons of customization options, the PSP roms is a great choice for any football lover who wanted to have his very own e FIFA game on the PSP. The customization option is so good you can even use your favorite players’ names on your PSP. For gamers who are into fantasy team leagues, this is a dream come true. If you were wondering how the PSP could possibly be used in the context of fantasy football, then the answer is pretty simple.

Basically the Socom PSP is a game that allow you to plug in your favorite players and then use their famous soccer balls in battle. If you have never played the awesome e FIFA games on your PSP before, then this is the perfect game for you. I know that I always pass by this site when I am looking for great PSP download sites, and the reason is because of this amazing game.

One of my favorite things about the Socom PSP Roms is that they have a “Madden NFL” type game mode, complete with awesome NFL teams and players such as: Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Roger Staubach, John Elway, and many more. Just to name a few. This game comes with the most famous sport video game sensations like NFL Featuring Roger Clemens and Coach Bill Belichick. Not only does it come with your favorite professional athletes, but it also comes with the legendary legends themselves.

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Now, let me tell you what really makes this game so amazing. The first thing that you will notice is that it has some awesome sound effects. Some of them are so real looking that you can almost feel what is going on in the game. Another thing that you will find with the Socom PSP Roms Evolution soccer game is the touch screen controls. It makes controlling the players so much easier than using the Classic controller.

Here comes the cool part about the “evolution soccer” series. You actually get 3 versions to play. It starts with the regular edition, which has all the game modes. You can play against the computer, which doesn’t have any unlockable characters, or you can compete against other players online for head to head play.

The second version of the game is the platinum edition. This one comes with new features like an improved interface and many more. And, it also comes with the “pro evolution soccer” packs. With the pro evolution packs, you will be able to unlock some of the hidden content and play for longer periods of time.

The last version of the game… the ultimate edition comes with all the content from the previous versions and even more. Here, you are not only able to compete against the computer or online players, but you are also given the chance to be a coach. Yes, you will be given the chance to manage your players, train them and view their stats… With this, you can surely become the next coach of the best league in the world, the EFL.

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